FEED A MILLION+ Employees Go Beyond

Beyond Meat’s goal for using food as a vehicle for change starts with every individual employee who works to move our mission forward. Our team had the opportunity to nominate frontline organizations that matter most to them to give back to those in need. Thanks to our dedicated partners like Rethink, #HashtagLunchbag and DoorDash, we’ve been able to prepare and deliver Beyond Meat meals at no cost to affected communities in LA, NY and beyond. Here are just a few highlights of the amazing receiving organizations:


LIDIA | Consumer Care Manager

“I nominated Kaiser Permanente LA because of Rebecca. She is a nurse there who is plant-based and a huge fan! I know they have been working crazy hours and risking themselves to do everything they can to stop this. I stay home for them!”


JAKE | Research Associate

"As an LGBT person, I have been fortunate enough to receive love and support through my journey and have always had a roof over my head. Some LGBT people are not so fortunate. The Ali Forney Center is the largest organization providing assistance to homeless LGBT youth in the US. They work tirelessly to house, support, and feed LGBT youth in need, and I am so glad that Beyond Meat is able to support."


JJ | Sales Manager

“Houston is a really special city. The Houston Food Bank feeds more people than almost any other in the country and, over the years, Houston has been intimately involved in major national emergencies. From taking on tens of thousands of people from New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina to dealing with the impacts of Hurricane Harvey... the food bank will know how to put this to good use!”


SABEEN | Consumer Care Associate

“I nominated LA County Fire Department Station 171 in Inglewood for all of their hard work and dedication to the city of Los Angeles.”


SARA | Senior Graphic Designer

“Growing up in a family that put a lot of emphasis on helping those in need, I've always sought out opportunities to do so myself. Shortly after moving to Los Angeles, I volunteered for the first time at The People Concern. Without realizing, this organization gave back to me in more ways than I could ever give back. Feed A Million+ felt like a great opportunity to bring light to those who continue to be underserved.”


FRANK | Research Associate

“A friend of mine is part of just one of the many dedicated medical teams working around the clock, around the world, to provide the critical care needed during this pandemic. I nominated her team at Kaiser Permanente Baldwin Park ER to show our gratitude for their selfless service to our community."


ANNE MARIE | Executive Assistant

“One of my nominations was the very deserving Harbor-UCLA Medical Center: an extremely busy public hospital in Los Angeles County. A close RN friend of mine volunteered to GO BEYOND and work back in their ER after 13 years to help battle the Coronavirus crisis."


DALENA | Project Manager

“Being related to a frontline worker during these times is concerning. While I worry about my sister, she's working every day without hesitation and cares for each patient with love, compassion, and dedication. That's what my hero looks like."


RAY | Innovation Scientist

“I was deeply touched by their efforts to help the kids in need, especially those from disadvantaged backgrounds and suffered from poor childhoods. They are the heroes to those kids and we need to support them with what we can do."


As we continue to rally together to Feed A Million+, employees will nominate additional organizations to receive Beyond Meat donations. Click here to read more about Beyond Meat’s Feed A Million+ pledge. #GoBeyond


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