is about the excitement for and discovery of great vegan products, and that's how I stumbled upon Beyond Meat.  Being vegan, you have to make intelligent choices when it comes to your food;  when I found Beyond Meat, it changed the face of "vegan meat" for me.  Little did I know how much this incredible product would change my life!

GuysGoVegan began very organically when I first realized that some of the beer I had been drinking wasn't vegan friendly.  Your recreational alcohol choices aren't something you first think to analyze when you are eliminating animal products from your diet.  So, in search of the best alternatives, I scoured the web but couldn't find a site dedicated to helping newly vegan guys incorporate all types of cruelty-free products in their lives.  These weren't easy to find, but they do do exist; not just new food products, but also things like vegan moustache waxes, faux leather boots, guitar straps, shaving cream, beer and much more!  I'm just an average guy; I love food, beer, music, sports, clothes and moustaches.  I wanted to help others just like me by developing GuysGoVegan.

From the food to the drink, from the clothes to the shave and all the things in between, GuysGoVegan's goal is to help people go vegan and stay vegan by turning them on to all the great things this lifestyle has to offer.  Let's save the animals, save the earth, live healthier and more fulfilling lives and look sharp and dapper doing it.


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