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We're excited to welcome Chef Charity Morgan and NFL Linebacker, Derrick Morgan, to our family of Beyond Ambassadors.<\/p>","content":"

After recently announcing that Alex Honnold<\/a> had joined our Beyond Ambassador roster, we're expanding the team and thrilled to welcome both Charity and Derrick Morgan to the crew! Derrick Morgan is a current NFL linebacker for the Tennessee Titans and his wife Charity, is an expert plant-based chef. The two of them are leading a revolution down in Nashville, getting more than 20 of Derrick's teammates to incorporate plant-based meat in their weekly meal plan, thanks to Chef Charity's delicious custom catered meals. Her daily deliveries of hearty, protein-packed food inspired Derrick's teammates to give it a try.

After both Derrick and Charity transitioned to a plant-based lifestyle and felt the numerous benefits, they began championing plant-based eating to their friends, family and ultimately, Derrick's teammates. Not only did Derrick experience reduced inflammation and faster recovery times after shifting to a plant-based diet, but he's noticed a huge difference in his performance on the field as well.<\/span><\/p>

Chef Charity's approach to making her food accessible is to stick with the flavors and dishes people know and love but using only plant-based ingredients. According to Charity, \"Players love getting a huge double manly sized Beyond Burger. It opens the doors for many other plant-based meals. They realize it's no compromise from what they usually eat.\"

We're so excited to welcome both of these trailblazers to the Beyond Meat family! <\/span><\/p>