How Plant-Based Moms Do It In the Kitchen

Parenting is a journey. It is a challenge. It is a lesson on life which never ends. As a parent, it is your job to make sure your kids aren't just fed, but fed wholesome, nutritionally-complete foods. This is a challenge for
any parent, but for people eating a plant-based diet, it can be even trickier because you've got to pay more attention to make sure the kiddies are getting enough iron, calcium, B vitamins, and other needed nutrients. Here are some ways that Superhero vegan moms do it in the kitchen.

We hide beans in brownies. Like these black bean brownies which are gluten-free and loaded with protein.

We put blended kale in pizza dough. It turns the dough a cool green color.

We make our own popsicles and ice cream from frozen fruit. Click here for a recipe from the Minimalist Baker!

We try not to get angry when well-meaning grandparents try to slip the kids a hotdog.

We bulk cook everything and try to find room for it in the freezer.

We don't just say "it is good for you." We explain that protein will help your muscles grow so you can run faster, that those tomatoes will keep you from getting sick so you don't have to go to the doctor, and those seeds will help your brain so you get smarter.

We keep a supply of fresh fruit, nuts, and health snacks on hand so the kids can never complain that there is nothing to eat.

We make our own baby food because it is healthier, and save a lot of money in the process.

We let our kids "help" us cook even though they make a huge mess, because we know that it is never too early to teach kids to appreciate food and learn meal planning.

We aren't afraid to improvise. Not everything needs to be a recipe.

We know where to save money, like by batch cooking bulk beans, and when to splurge – like on those artisan vegan cheeses and organic produce.

Are you a plant-powered parent? How do you do it in the kitchen?


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Sweet peas and potatoes
by Kim Love


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