6 Healthy Recipes for 2017 That Aren't Salads

January 13, 2017 | By: Beyond Meat

Every January our feeds are flooded with all sorts of ammunition to inspire the healthiest version of ourselves. Since an integral part of Beyond Meat's mission is directed at improving human health, we'll jump right on board the "new year, new you" train! We asked some of our biggest supporters (The Superfans!) to share their favorite healthy recipes. PLOT TWIST: no salads... So here's to being healthy in 2017 by eating more than a boring bowl of greens!

The Meaty Vegan's Gluten Free Risotto

Whoever says creamy risotto isn't healthy, obviously hasn't met The Meaty Vegan. Find his whole-food plant-based recipe here.


Ms Vegan's Zoodles in Beef Sauce

Get your pasta on with Ms Vegan's beefy zoodle recipe here.


This Wife Cooks' Sriracha Ramen Soup

Step 1: Discard overly salty seasoning packet. Step 2: Reminisce the good ol' days of eating nothing but ramen. Step 3: Follow this recipe for a hearty bowl that's just as delicious, but better for you. #winning


The Sexy Vegan's Toasted Barley & Mushroom Soup!

A simple, delicious recipe guaranteed to give you s(o)uperpowers. Check out The Sexy Vegan's Instagram here and his full soup recipe here.


Christine's Vegan Char Siu

Don't limit yourself to only eating BBQ (plant-based) ribs during the Superbowl. Indulge in all things BBQ, with Christine Elise McCarthy's healthy Beyond Chicken recipe here.

Beyond Chicken Cauliflower "Fried Rice"

And of course, we'd be remiss without mentioning cauliflower... the next best thing since sliced bread (but really, we cut the carbs)! This protein-packed dish is full of veggies and such a tasty twist on a classic! Recipe here.

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