4 Healthy Plant-Based Power Bowls You Should Eat For Lunch

January 29, 2016 | By: Beyond Meat

If you're a little behind the power bowl trend, don't fret! We've got you covered!

Power bowls are your new best friend. Here's why:

Power Bowls are easy to make.

Long day at work? Did you accidentally sleep in? Do you think you can't cook? With a little meal prep before hand, or just a quick scan of your fridge, power bowls can take an easy five minutes of your time!

Power Bowls are cheap.

With just a small handful of ingredients (that often you can buy in bulk), power bowls are the perfect low cost meal to make throughout the week!

Power Bowls are packed with nutrients.

Power bowls are a great way to start upping the veggies along with your protein and other nutrient dense foods, and presenting it all in one compartmentalized manner. Because for whatever reason... this makes us all want them so much more!

Don't believe us yet? Here are some Beyond Meat power bowl recipes to inspire your next lunch.

Beyond Beef Fiesta Power Bowl

The best way to eat a taco is sometimes in a bowl. Do it.

It's right here.

Beyond Chicken Winter Power Bowl

Yes, it's possible to have winter in a bowl - it's right here.

Beyond Chicken Mediterranean Power Bowl

"Touchdown!" - Your stomach.

Recipe here.

Beyond Chicken Rainbow Power Bowl

All the colors! All the taste!

Get the recipe here at Beyond Meat.

Did we say the word power bowl enough?

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