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6 Fruits that Taste Awesome on a Grill

March 8, 2017

Did you think that BBQing was just for meat and veggies? You’re in for a pleasant surprise. Fruit can actually be really amazing on the grill, because it brings out their flavors when the natural sugars caramelize. If you are grilling on charcoal, the smoky flavor can infuse the fruit and produce a whole new taste sensation as well. Lots of fruits work wonderfully on the grill, but these ones are exceptionally good.


Pineapple is one of the easiest fruits to grill because it is dense and won’t fall apart. The natural sugars also taste especially amazing once grilled. For some extra flair, try coating with brown sugar or agave and cinnamon before grilling. Get Veg Kitchen’s recipe here.

Grilled Pineapple


Papayas are also easier to grill because of their density. They are also large, which means less flipping. Squeeze some lime juice on the papaya before grilling and you’ll be in heaven! You can also marinate them in lime and mint, in a concoction of ginger and sugar, or take it a step further by adding a stuffing. Click here to see My Kitchen Love’s recipe!

Grilled Papaya - My Kitchen Love Blog


Just cut a peach in half, remove the pit, and grill. Remember to pay attention to these because they grill fast! Serve with ice cream for a fancy BBQ dessert. If you don’t have peaches, you can also grill other soft stone fruits like plums and nectarines. Check out the recipe by What’s Gaby Cooking here.

Grilled Peaches with Vanilla Ice Cream from (@whatsgabycookin)


Watermelon is a classic BBQ food, but most people don’t think to put it on the grill. Just be careful while grilling as the water from the melon can spray out and burn you. Top with some grilled chili pepper for a real treat. Or, chop up the grilled watermelon and turn it into a salsa- the possibilities are endless! Get the recipe here by Savory Nothings.

Salted Grilled Watermelon is the perfect summer dessert. Make it for your next bbq party!


Cantaloupe is a vastly underappreciated melon because it isn’t as sweet as its cousins the watermelon and honeydew. Put it on the grill though, and you will be able to bring out its natural flavors in a delicious way. To grill cantaloupe, cut it into crescents about 1 inch thick and grill with a dash of honey and lime for flavor. Or, for a savory treat, cut into chunks and put onto kabobs with red onion. Click here for the recipe by Marisa Moore, RD!

Honey Lime Grilled Cantaloupe


Bananas are especially delicious when warm and grilled. Heat with some sugar and spices then serve with ice cream and berries or top with chocolate sauce. To make it even fancier, add some chocolate or vanilla liquor.

Image result for beloved green grilled bananas


Helpful Tips for Grilling Fruit

-Make sure the grill is clean before grilling your fruit, otherwise they will stick! Plus, the fruit might taste a bit funky with BBQ drippings stuck to it.

-Brush the fruit with an oil or coating before grilling to prevent sticking and enhance flavor.

-If you haven’t grilled fruit before, start with harder fruits which are less likely to attach to the grill.

-With softer fruits like peaches, place them on indirect heat (near the edges) and keep a careful watch. They grill quickly!

-Leave the peels on when you can– it will help hold the fruit together.

-Try putting fruit on kabobs with your veggies and savory ingredients. The fruit juices will impart their flavors into the other foods on the kabob for a unique, delicious flavor.

-You can marinate fruit. Put in cold water with seasonings like cinnamon, brown sugar and nutmeg, or chili and lime. You can also marinate with wine! Just make sure the marinade is cold to prevent the fruit from breaking down.

-Grilled fruit is prefect to serve for dessert. Top with (vegan) ice cream and chopped nuts to really impress your guests.


What are your favorite fruits to grill? Do you have any other tips to making a perfect grilled fruit? Share them in the comments!


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