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Beyond Finland!

January 24, 2019

We're taking Finland by storm, one (Beyond) burger at a time!

With a growing European presence, Beyond Meat has quickly become a fan favorite among Finnish households. But one restaurant took it a step further - ditching animal products altogether.

When gourmet burger chain, Bun2Bun heard Beyond Meat would be headed to Finland, they were eager to board the plant-based train. But rather than just adding the Beyond Burger to the menu, the restaurant owners chose to take it a step further - a massive menu overhaul.

"When we heard we would get the Beyond Burger to Finland, we decided to ditch all our beef-based burgers and switch to a 100% vegan menu with the Beyond Burger as the main ingredient," said Bun2Bun.

The results? Bun2Bun in BOOMING.

"The sales skyrocketed right away," according to the eatery. "Our sales grew 400% right from the first day we introduced our all-vegan burger menu based on the Beyond Burger on December 12th. Now it's been a month and the clients just keep coming. And loving our burgers (and your product)."

This is a success story that goes beyond our wildest dreams.

In addition to being sold at four Bun2Bun restaurants, our Finnish friends can find The Beyond Burger at 31 Scandic Hotels and eleven Classic American Diners. Check out our store locator to find a restaurant near you!


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