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March 7, 2024

Starting this week, UMass students, faculty and visitors alike can enjoy Beyond Meat’s plant-based burgers + beef at cafeterias and cafes throughout campus

With food systems accounting for nearly one third of all global greenhouse gas emissions, eating more plant-based foods is one of the most impactful ways to contribute to a more sustainable climate. And a study last year found that when presented with plant-based meals as the default, 81% of college students chose them - showing a growing interest in more plant-forward eating. Starting this week, eating plant-based at UMass just got a whole lot easier and more delicious with the debut of Beyond Meat across the school’s campuses. Now, students, faculty and visitors can enjoy Beyond Meat’s tasty, nutritious and sustainable plant-based beef products across student dining halls, cafés, and more. As part of UMass’ commitment to sustainability, the university has one of the largest plant-based dining initiatives in the country including its Dining for a Cooler Planet program and utilizing a Carbon Rating System to educate diners on the environmental impact of their meal choices. 

“We applaud UMass’ leadership with numerous sustainable dining initiatives, and are proud to support their efforts with our delicious, climate-friendly plant-based meat products. We know that students and universities are looking for ways to contribute towards a more sustainable future, and as a leading supplier of plant-based meat products, we continue to expand our presence on college campuses to make plant-based proteins more accessible for all,” said Dawn Lockwood, VP of Foodservice Sales, Beyond Meat. 

The Beyond Burger and Beyond Beef are designed to deliver the delicious taste and texture of animal meat while providing the added nutritional and environmental benefits of plant-based protein. Made from clean, simple non-GMO plant-based ingredients, both products have no soy or gluten and are certified Halal and Kosher.

Next time you’re on one of the UMass campuses, be sure to look for Beyond Meat and share your cooler for the climate meals on social with @BeyondMeat and #GoBeyond


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