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Beyond Stack Burger™ Now at Whole Foods Market

May 6, 2024

Beyond Meat Expands Product Portfolio at Whole Foods Market with the addition of The Beyond Stack Burger™

Just in time for national burger month, Beyond Meat is excited to announce yet another delicious Beyond Meat product will be available at Whole Foods Market stores nationwide with the addition of the smash-style Beyond Stack Burger™!

Endlessly customizable and easy-to-cook, the Beyond Stack Burger goes from frozen to finished in six minutes in a skillet and can be eaten as a single patty or stacked multiple patties high, making it the perfect option to recreate popular smash-style burgers at home. From a classic build with lettuce, tomato and cheese to an updated take on BBQ slaw – you can enjoy the Beyond Stack Burger with the confidence that you’re making a better choice for yourself and the planet.

The Beyond Stack Burger joins Beyond Meat’s extensive range of delicious, nutritious and sustainable plant-based meat products available at Whole Foods Market including the NEW fourth generation Beyond Burger and Beyond Beef, Beyond Steak, Beyond Sausage, Beyond Crumbles, Beyond Breakfast Sausage, Beyond Meatballs and Beyond Chicken Tenders. Since 2012, Beyond Meat is proud to have partnered with Whole Foods Market to make it easy and convenient for consumers to Go Beyond!

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