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Beyond Steak Named to TIME’s 2022 Best Inventions List

November 10, 2022

Beyond Steak: juicy, tender, and now named one of TIME’s 2022 Best Inventions

Every year, TIME editors honor the products that are making the world a better, smarter and more fun place – and this year, our new Beyond Steak not only made the cut, it made the cover! 

When it comes to plant-based meat, Beyond Steak is a first-of-its kind. Delivering the flavorful and satisfying bite of traditional seared steak tips but with all the added nutritional benefits of plant-based meat, Beyond Steak has 21g of protein per serving, is low in saturated fat* and has no cholesterol, no GMOs and no added antibiotics or hormones. As TIME writes, thanks to years of research and development by our first-class food scientists, Beyond Steak has the “fibrous texture” of animal steak, “offering a touch of fattiness” while still being “definitely healthier.” 

Beyond Steak is also incredibly versatile and couldn’t be more convenient! Seasoned, ready-to-eat and going from package to plate in just five minutes via skillet or air fryer, TIME highlights how it’s “easy to imagine in burritos and stir fries, or as a salad topping.” Beyond Steak has also been called “tender” with a “perfect crisp” by Fast Company. Meanwhile, Buzzfeed loved the “caramelized crust [that] boosted the overall flavor in a really delicious way” and how Beyond Steak  “sears reaaaaally nicely.” (We agree that Beyond Steak is so good, it needs every single one of those extra “a’s”).

Ready to add one of the best (and tastiest) new products of the year to your mealtime routine? Click HERE to find recipes featuring Beyond Steak in sandwiches, salads, breakfast bowls and more!

Beyond Steak is available in the frozen section at more than 5,000 Kroger and Walmart stores nationwide, as well as select Albertsons and Ahold divisions and other retailers across the country. Find Beyond Steak near you by using the Beyond Meat store locator.

*Contains 6g of total fat per serving


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