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Chef Josh Capon Enters NYC Burger Bash with Beyond Meat

October 23, 2019

Josh Capon is the executive chef-partner behind some of the most loved meat-centric restaurants in Downtown NYC - Lure Fishbar (NYC + Miami), B&B Winepub, El Toro Blanco and Bowery Meat Company. Known for his specialty burgers and big personality, Chef Capon has won SIX New York City Burger Bash competitions - the LARGEST burger competition in the country. 

But this year, he pulled an audible. This well-known chef and meat enthusiast decided to change things up and entered Rachel Ray’s NYC Burger Bash, known as the Super Bowl of burgers, with Beyond Meat! 

“As a six-time champion of the Burger Bash, I want to GO BEYOND what any other chef  is creating with a plant-based burger.”


Why Beyond Meat?

As an executive chef, it was important to Capon that the plant-based option he chose actually tasted like meat and worked with the flavors he wanted to incorporate. Just like steak, he loved that the Beyond Burger actually caramelized and took on a great texture and mouthfeel. Additionally, his family has been proactively cutting down on their meat intake. Beyond Meat has helped fill a void while still enjoying all of the meaty dishes that they love without feeling like they were missing out. 

“Beyond Meat has been a nice addition to my household. My daughter is gluten and dairy-free and is actually trying to eat a little bit healthier these days.”


But back to Rachel Ray's NYC Burger Bash… 

The Beyond Capon Burger was a Homerun! 

It was a crowd favorite, even Rachel Ray stopped by to express her love for the burger.  

“We entered a plant-based burger into the largest burger competition in the country with 50 other burgers and placed 3rd!” said Chef Capon. “That’s a Bronze medal in the Olympics and something to be damn proud of! I think by less than 20 votes but who's counting ?”


Stay on the lookout for more tips and tricks from Chef Capon on how to cook the perfect Beyond Burger. #GoBeyond



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