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Food - Trailblazers of STEAM w/ Karlie Kloss

May 15, 2018

Model and entrepreneur, Karlie Kloss, is on a mission to find trailblazers in STEAM harnessing the power of engineering to revolutionize their industries for the better. As part of her journey, she dropped by the Beyond Meat HQ to learn how we are revolutionizing the food industry. Kloss sat down with Beyond Meat engineer, Lina Puitt, to discuss how Puitt is helping the company revolutionize the way people consume meat.

"We can make a product that looks like meat and cooks like meat," says Puitt. "This is all because of science."

"A lot of people don't realize that there is so much science involved in the food industry... Food is science," concluded Kloss.

While engineers work to create foods for the future, chefs like Brooke Williamson, are bringing them into their kitchen and onto their restaurant's menus.

"I think that this touches on so many reasons why red meat is not a necessary component to a menu," replies Williamson. "I've seen partnerships with plant-based products and well-known chefs over the last year more than I've seen over the last 10 years."

These women, alongside others, are helping develop the Future of Protein. Check out the full episode below!



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