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June 20, 2021

An excuse to fire up the barbies, the Beyond Burger has entered Woolies store shelves across Australia! The delicious, sizzling sensation can be found at 800 Woolworths locations and are the perfect plant-based star of any of your favourite burger builds.

Through this launch, Beyond Meat is doubling down on making delicious, nutritious and sustainable plant-based meat options more widely accessible down under so that Aussies can continue eating what they love, like a great-tasting burger, no sacrifice required. 

The Beyond Burger is designed to deliver the same juicy, meaty taste and texture as animal-based burgers while delivering strong nutritional and environmental benefits such as:

  • 20g of protein per patty from peas, mung beans and brown rice
  • No cholesterol, antibiotics or hormones
  • Made from simple, plant-based ingredients without GMOs, soy or gluten
  • Certified kosher and halal
  • The original Beyond Burger, compared to producing a ¼ lb. standard U.S. 80/20 beef burger, uses 99% less water, 93% less land, requires 46% less energy and generates 90% fewer greenhouse gas emissions.

Beyond Meat first arrived in Australia in 2018 and its products can also be found at additional grocery stores and restaurants across the country, including at Grill’d, Lord of the Fries, Ribs & Burgers and Soulburger.

Ready to get cooking? Visit the Beyond Meat recipe page for burger build inspiration!


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