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A Very Beyond Thanksgiving

November 15, 2018

And just like that... Thanksgiving is only a week away! As a traditionally meat-heavy holiday, we're here to help fill your table with all the uncompromisingly delicious plant-based options.

Here's our take on all of the holiday favorites:

1. Beyond Burger Thanksgiving Stuffing

Technically a side dish, but always the star of the show. This year make everyone's fav holiday dish better by adding The Beyond Burger! One spoon full will have you crawling back for seconds!

2. Chef Charity's Beyond BBQ Meatloaf

"Mom, the meatloaf!" That's still not old right?? Beyond Ambassador, Chef Charity Morgan created this BBQ Beyond Burger Meatloaf and it's the perfect plant-based option for the holidays.


3. Scalloped Potatoes

Slice, peel, deliver! Crumble up some Beyond Burger patties, add a bit of your fav plant-based cheese, and enjoy!

4. Plant-Based Gravy

The holy grail of all Thanksgiving meals…The gravy! There is absolutely no judgment over here on how much you pour over every inch of your plate... the bigger the gravy river, the better. This Savory Vegan shared her smooth and savory plant-based gravy recipe with us and we can't get enough.


5. Raw Carrot Cake

Thanksgiving isn't complete without multiple rounds of dessert. This Raw Carrot Cake by The Minimalist Bakeris the perfect ending to your Thanksgiving meal. Not only is it the most beautiful no-bake cake you'll ever eat but it's gluten-free and requires less than 10 ingredients! Easy and delicious.


Like every year, we are BEYOND thankful for all of our fans continued support. Without it we wouldn't be able to continue taking the animal out of the equation and making delicious meat from plants. We want to know what you are thankful for and see the delicious meals that bring your family together during the holidays. Share with us on social - @beyondmeat, #beyondburger. Thanks!


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