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December 8, 2021

Athletes know better than anyone the direct connection between the food we choose to fuel our bodies with and its impact on performance, endurance and beyond. As the next generation of professional athletes incorporate plant-based eating into their routines, players across all sports are turning to Beyond Meat to enhance their game.

Today, Beyond Meat is proud to officially welcome basketball player Josh Christopher to the Beyond Meat family! Learn more below about why Josh has chosen to Go Beyond:

Why did you choose to incorporate plant-based proteins into your diet?

After doing some research, I quickly realized that there are a ton of advantages that come with incorporating  plant-based protein into your daily routine. Whether it’s helping with recovery or trying to find ways to prevent injury, I'm always in search of ways to keep my body fresh. Being a rookie, I have to  find ways to shorten the learning curve and stay sharp. Eating a plant-based diet has unlocked this for me and has helped speed up my recovery process.

Why did you choose to partner with Beyond Meat?

It's in my nature to push boundaries and be innovative, much like what they're doing over at Beyond Meat, so the partnership was a no brainer. Working with Beyond Meat offers me an opportunity to shed light on a better-for-you option that some people my age might not take into consideration. I'm hoping to show kids who grew up like me that there's a number of different ways to eat what they love with options that are healthier and more sustainable. I'm trying to bring them along on this journey with me.

How does Beyond Meat help your performance (on or off the court)?

In the league, there's always another game. With that being said, you've got to constantly search for ways to ensure you keep your body prepared and well rested for the next matchup.  That recovery time is key, and plant-based protein helps me get there a little quicker.

What's your favorite product? 

I usually go with the Beyond Breakfast Sausage Patty to start the day. I can toss it on an English muffin and make a breakfast sandwich. I'd probably go with the Beyond Chicken Tenders as my go-to snack when I'm chillin' and winding down after practice. The first time I tried it, I thought, no way that’s not chicken.

What’s your favorite Beyond Meat recipe?

Can't go wrong with the Beyond Burger. I like to do a BBQ Ranch Beyond Burger build.


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