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Maggie Vessey – Going For Green

September 15, 2015

Since elementary school, Maggie Vessey's been running around. She experienced that feeling of effortless freedom, fluidity, and speed at an early age and has been "in the zone" ever since. Vessey sped through college running for Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo and onto Team USA, but in the world of competitive running, every second counts. So Maggie turned to Plant-Protein for an edge.

She was first introduced to Beyond Meat as a guest at the Los Angeles Sports Spectacular, "I sampled their products and really really loved them, it made it just a really natural fit for me...I've become more aware about health concerns that are associated with eating a lot of meat, as well as issues about animal welfare and the effect mass meat consumption has on the environment on a global level."

If you happen to miss Maggie zooming through the track, you certainly won't miss her outfit as she's standing on the podium! Her fashion forward outfits (designed by Maggie herself) are a seamless blend of high performance and artistry in-motion. "I want to inspire young girls to know that you don't have to sacrifice being feminine to perform at the top level and be taken seriously." As an ambassador for The Future of Protein and future runners everywhere, we'll certainly be rooting for Maggie as she chases her Olympic dream next summer in Rio.


What got you hooked on running?

n elementary school I experienced while running what is referred to as being "in the zone." I understand that feeling is rare and I've been captivated by running ever since. I felt completely free and in the moment. When I ran it felt effortless and beautiful.

What is your biggest accomplishment in the sport (thus far)?

Being ranked #5 in the world. It is a testament of what I can achieve when I combine my innate talent with A LOT of focus and smart, hard work. I am excited and look forward to going even faster this next season.

What makes you different from other athletes?

I began designing my own race wear when I parted with my apparel sponsor in 2013. I'm passionate about merging performance with style and celebrating the athletic form as art. It's a form of self expression to show that a woman can be very strong and also look graceful and elegant if she wants to. I want to show that a woman doesn't have to sacrifice femininity to perform at the highest levels and be taken seriously.

How does nutrition factor into your training?

I am extremely mindful of what I fuel my body with. I eat organic, and am now introducing pure plant protein into my diet. Eating healthy makes me feel strong and energetic. As a result I wake up ready to train hard with no lingering after effects of a poor diet.

What are some reasons you've moved towards a plant-based diet?

As an athlete I am often reminded of the importance of protein in my diet. To have a company like Beyond Meat, who in my opinion have done a wonderful job of creating a plant based protein with the nutrition, taste and texture of meat, is an incredible resource for me. I have also become more aware of the health concerns associated with eating a lot of meat, as well as issues concerning animal welfare and the effect mass meat consumption has on the environment on a global level.

What is your favorite Beyond Meat product?

I love the grilled chicken strips!

Do you have a motto you live by?

Know thyself


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