McDonald’s Germany launches McPlant® famous meals Hero
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McDonald’s Germany launches McPlant® famous meals

May 8, 2024

McDonald’s Germany launches famous meals from global stars Bill & Tom Kaulitz featuring the McPlant® Burger and McPlant® Nuggets

Following the launch of the McPlant® to McDonald’s Germany at the start of 2023, this mouth-watering new partnership is the latest chapter to delight flexitarians, vegetarians, and everyone in between.  

The ‘Famous Order’ menu, popularised in the US, has now launched in McDonalds Germany with world-famous musician twins Bill and Tom Kaulitz. The brothers created their own versions of two irresistible McPlant® Burger meals, featuring juicy plant-based patties from Beyond Meat. 

Bill's bespoke creation consists of the savoury McPlant® Mango Chili Burger with Curly Fries and a vanilla milkshake, in which Bill likes to dip his Curly Fries. His brother Tom prefers the delicious McPlant® Tomato Chargrill Burger with 6 McPlant® Nuggets and a large Coca-Cola.  Germany was the first McDonald’s market in the world to introduce McPlant® Nuggets, which have all the crispy and crunchy experience of McDonald’s classic chicken nuggets, but are made with the juicy and tender plant-based deliciousness of Beyond Meat.

The Kaulitz twins follow in the footsteps of global superstars such as Travis Scott, Mariah Carey and BTS, who already have their own “Famous Order” in the USA.

Both variations of the McPlant® burger will remain on menu at McDonald’s Germany until at least 13 August 2024, giving burger fans plenty of time to swap their protein from animal-meat to plant-based meat, whilst retaining all the delicious McDonald’s flavour people know and love.  So to get your hands on this limited run of Beyond Meat deliciousness run…don’t walk! 


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