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The Beyond & The Beast: A Tale of Two Burgers

December 21, 2016

The Beyond & The Beast: A Tale of Two Burgers

So we’ve been getting some questions about our new Beyond Burger and existing Beast Burger…

  • What’s the difference between the two burgers?
  • Is The Beast going away?
  • Where can I find The Beyond Burger? Where can I find The Beast?

First, the differences

The Beyond Burger is our new “raw-beef” style burger that looks, cooks, and tastes so much like beef it’s being shelved in the meat sections at Whole Foods. Our goal in creating The Beyond Burger™ was to provide the full 360° mouth-watering, juicy, and delicious experience of beef but without so many of the health, environmental, and animal welfare downsides of traditional animal-based meat.

The Beast Burger, developed as a performance-line offering from Beyond Meat, was launched in early 2015, and is a pre-cooked frozen patty shelved in the plant-based protein section of the frozen aisle in conventional and natural grocery stores. Some jokingly have called it a nutrition shake on a bun, but that’s not far off. We worked with Brendan Brazier, rock-star triathlete, plant-based nutrition authority, and co-founder of Vega nutrition shakes to develop The Beast. The Beast has 23G of protein and a slew of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and omegas.

The Beyond Burger is shelved in the meat set, right alongside meat, where it’s turning heads and leveling the playing field for plant-based protein as an option for everyday consumers who love meat but, increasingly, want to avoid some of the bad stuff that comes with it. While we ramp up production and try to keep up with sell-out demand, The Beyond Burger is in limited distribution at Whole Foods. We’re up to about 200 of 450 stores. Check here for the latest store list. We plan to significantly expand distribution in the spring and summer of 2017, so stay tuned and thanks for your patience.

The Beast is available in around 5,000 retailers nationwide, and isn’t going anywhere as it remains very popular. Click here for availability. It will continue to be shelved in the frozen aisle with other pre-cooked plant-based offerings like our Beyond Chicken Strips & Beyond Beef Crumbles.

So there it is–two burgers for two times in your life. If you’re sitting down to binge watch a few episodes of Westworld or Game of Thrones and craving a juicy, delicious, real-deal burger, The Beyond Burger has your name on it. If you’re gearing up for or recovering from a double header of Vinyasa flow and a long hike in the hills, reach for The Beast.


Team Beyond


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