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Tia Blanco – Riding a Plant-Based Wave

September 15, 2015

Tia Blanco cares a lot... She cares about winning (won the 2015 ISA Gold Medal). She cares about her body (trains daily, eats mindfully). She cares about the planet (takes a stand on important issues). So we couldn't have been more excited when Tia reached out to us saying how much she loved our Beyond Chicken Strips. With her success in surfing and passion for an active, healthy lifestyle, we couldn't have picked a more ideal ambassador. And so Tia joined the growing ranks of elite athletes helping to communicate--by example--the benefits of plant-based protein.

Surfing since the age of 3, Tia has been paddling almost as long she's been walking! But as surfing went from being a hobby to a possible career, she recognized the need to gain an edge. Tia began experimenting with a plant-based diet 3 years ago and has never looked back since. The benefits from sustained energy and lack of fatigue time have translated into her becoming one of the most accomplished surfers for her age: "My body just responds very well to the [plant-based] diet. I feel lively, strong, and happy!" In the coming year Tia will be one of the top candidates in qualifying for the World Surfing League Champions Tour.

In addition to being one of the most promising young surfers in the world, she's a very talented cook. You won't find her eating the same salad every day, her plate is always full of fresh and creative recipes inspired by all the excellent places she's been able to visit through surfing. Check out her instagram account and her Q&A below to see what's cooking in Tia's Kitchen!


What got you hooked on surfing?

The lifestyle... I love to be in the ocean and travel the world... And to get paid to do it? It is a no brainer for me ;)

What is your biggest accomplishment in the sport (thus far)?

Winning the 2015 ISA Women's Gold medal

What makes you different from other athletes?

I am vegan!

How does nutrition factor into your training?

Being healthy in general is just really important to me, regardless of competing in surfing. I think a big part of self love is treating your body right and making sure you get proper nutrition. Before you can love others, you must first learn to love yourself!

What differences have you noticed (if any) on a more plant-based diet?

My body just responds very well to the diet. I feel lively, strong, and happy!

What is your favorite Beyond Meat product/recipe?

The chicken strips! They are so tasty on my salads! They are also low in fat and high in protein.

Do you have a motto you live by?

I guess I have many mottos I live by haha... One of them is being in present... ALWAYS. Nothing is forever and it is very easy to get caught up in worrying about the past and future. I say embrace the very moment you have because you will never have that EVER moment again!

What is your special talent?

I make bomb banana ice cream ;) I guess that means I am talented lol


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