What If We All Go Beyond

What if just taking the animal out of the meat made us and our planet healthier? 

What if we got protein from beans and peas and made a great burger? 

What if we put plant-based protein in our carts, on our menus, on our grills and on our plates? 

At Beyond Meat, we believe all of our actions and the choices we make -- whether big or small -- can make an impact on our personal health and the health of our planet. 

Up to three times a day we each have the opportunity to decide what protein we put on our plate. That’s why we’re committed to providing nutritious, delicious plant-based meat without GMOs or artificially produced ingredients. It means we’re committed to being where people already purchase the meals they love, whether that’s a grocery store, fast food chain or restaurant. And it means that we’re committed to using food as a vehicle for change to address systemic challenges surrounding access to healthy food options. 

Join us on our journey to feed a better future, together. #GoBeyond.


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