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The role of food and health has never been more top-of-mind. Beyond Ambassadors and friends are sharing their own personal motivations that have driven them to shift to a more plant-based diet. From climate change to family histories of stroke and heart disease to general health - there's no one reason for making plant-based food choices.



Kevin Hart admitted to being a person that felt like he needed to eat meat to maintain his strength, size, and level of health. After being motivated to make a change after witnessing several members of his family struggle with health issues, he listened to some information he was presented about a plant-based diet that opened up a different realm of thinking and understanding. “From witnessing multiple strokes, heart attacks, family members with diabetes, you got to see the common thread, the common factor, and it was honestly, what they were putting inside their bodies.”


Liza Koshy was brought up to leave her friends' homes “better and cleaner than she found it.” She now applies that thinking to the home we all share, Planet Earth. What she loves most about plant-based meat is the effect that it has, or the effect it does not have, on the environment. "It takes less water, less energy, less greenhouse gases to have a plant-based meal. By making the choice today to eat plant-based helps future lives of tomorrow."


Today we have more options than ever before - whether you get it at the grocery store, pick it up from a restaurant, or order it at a drive-thru, the choice to choose plant-based is there. Nikki Bella points to growing up with two working parents, and the less-than-healthy rushed meals that went along with it, but says, "When I look back, on what convenience was, it was fast food and ordering pizza. And now... we’re so blessed because convenience can be healthy now and it can be plant-based."


Both Chris Paul and Jordana Brewster lead by example and hope that their children will learn to adopt the same plant-based eating habits as their own. As an NBA All-Star, head of the NBA Players Association, and most importantly, a parent, CP3 feels a responsibility to try and teach and show other people what he's learned. "Growing up is sort of a product of your environment. I think it's really cool that I get a chance to show my kids and teach them. My kids at an early age are getting some education on things that I had no clue about.”


Snoop Dogg chooses to eat more plant-based because it is how he can ‘make an impact’.

The food we choose to consume is truly personal, and as you can see with each of our ambassadors, it can be done in your own way, in your own time. The positive choices we all make, no matter how small, can have a great impact on our personal health and the health of our planet. There is a better way to feed our future.

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