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Step one: Gather all the usual components of meat – protein, fat, minerals, carbs and water – but from plants. Step two: Apply heat, cooling and pressure to the proteins. Step three: Bite into a better meal. Yeah, it’s really that simple.

Breakfast SausageCoconuts


Why is there no lining?

Thanks for reaching out to us. We don't use an inner plastic bag because there is a recyclable food grade coating on the inside of our carton to keep the product fresh - similar to frozen animal-based sausages in the market. As a sustainably-focused company, we looked for a carton solution that did not use more packaging than necessary. We hope this helps clarify things!

What’s Beyond Breakfast Sausage?

Beyond Breakfast Sausage offers the delicious taste of traditional pork breakfast sausage while being a better for you and convenient plant-based breakfast option.

I want Beyond Breakfast Sausage! Where can I buy it?

Beyond Breakfast Sausage can be found now at select retailers nationwide including Whole Foods Market, Sprouts, Wegmans, Raley's, Hy Vee and more with continued rollout throughout the summer. Use our locator to find the closest spot to you!


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