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How It's Made

Step one: Gather all the usual components of meat – protein, fat, minerals, carbs and water – but from plants. Step two: Apply heat, cooling and pressure to the proteins. Step three: Bite into a better meal. Yeah, it’s really that simple.



The box is open, there is no lining? Is this normal?

The Cookout Classic packaging is designed with a food safe lining that is applied inside the carton – similar to frozen animal-based sausages in the market. As a sustainably-focused company, we looked for a carton solution that did not use more packaging than necessary. The open bag is intentional and food safe. We place a tamper evident seal on the carton to seal the package.

What is Cookout Classic?

Cookout Classic is a juicy, delicious plant-based burger that offers 18g protein per patty and is made with no GMOs, soy, gluten or bioengineered ingredients. It's sold frozen in a 8-pack carton.

Is Cookout Classic the same or different than the Beyond Burger®?

While both Cookout Classic and Beyond Burgers are plant-based patties, they are slightly different products. Cookout Classic has 18g of protein from peas and brown rice, and features 8 loose patties in a green recyclable carton.

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