Beyond Burger<sup>®</sup>

Beyond Burger®

2 Beyond Burger® patties

4 Follow Your Heart Smoked Gouda Slices

4 tbs. Follow Your Heart Thousand Island

2 slices of bread, your choice

1 tbs. Earth Balance Butter

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Beyond Burger®



Start by making the Beyond Burger® patty thinner and wider by slightly flattening each patty with your hands.

Then, prepare the Beyond Burger patties in a non-stick skillet according to directions on the packaging.

Remove from pan when cooked.

Wipe pan clean and add a little butter to the pan.

Spread two slices of bread with thousand islands sauce, on only one side. Add your bread to pan, thousand islands side up.

Top both slices of bread with cheese.

When the cheese starts to melt and the bread starts to brown, add your patty on top of one of the slices of bread.

Place the other slice on top of the patty, cheese-side touching the patty, press down to seal.

Remove and repeat to make the second patty melt.

Serve and enjoy!


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