A Burger Fit For a Queen(sland)

Want to hear an Australian joke?

When is a bear not a bear? If he doesn't have the right koalifications.

Do you know what’s not a joke? The Beyond Burger is now in Queensland! From the very beginning, our Australian friends have been some of our biggest supporters. After seeing huge success at select Coles Supermarkets across Australia, we couldn’t be more excited to announce our latest expansion.

Last year, Coles Supermarkets trialed the Beyond Burger in 15 stores across Melbourne, only to sell out in a matter of hours. In some locations, Coles sold out before they even arranged the burgers in the meat case!

The Beyond Burger can now be found at 175 Coles Supermarkets across Queensland and 418 stores across all of Australia. For those looking to dine out, you can enjoy the Beyond Burger at restaurants like Lord of the Fries, Outback Steakhouse, and JUS Burgers! To find the closest location to you, please use our locator here.




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