Beyond Sausage Arrives at Tesco in the UK

After the explosive introduction of the Beyond Burger in the UK last summer, we’re excited to bring the sizzling sensation that is Beyond Sausage to over 450 Tesco stores nationwide! 

Sausage is such a pivotal part of a British diet - from a traditional English breakfast, to a classic toad-in-the-hole, to bangers and mash and more. With a growing demand for plant-based meats in the UK, Beyond Meat is excited to provide a delicious and sustainable alternative for those looking to reduce animal-based meat in their diets.



Beyond Tesco, if you’re looking for another taste of Beyond Sausage, you can head to the brand new NEAT Burger restaurant in London, the first restaurant to offer Beyond Sausage in the UK. NEAT Burger is a plant-based restaurant that creates delicious, plant-based food for hungry carnivores, flexitarians and reducetarians on-the-go!

This launch marks yet another step towards our mission of making plant-based meat more accessible worldwide. Wondering when the Beyond Sausage will be available near you? Sign up for our newsletter below to get the latest updates! #GoBeyond




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