HelloFresh Canada Teams Up With Beyond Meat

Canada, we know how crazy you are about plant-based protein, which is why we are thrilled to partner with Canada’s # 1 meal-kit, HelloFresh. HelloFresh is an out-of-the-box company that is committed to high-quality, delicious ingredients and introducing its customers to innovative recipe ideas, flavors and ingredients. 

We’re excited to help enable more Canadians to choose a more nutritious alternative while still providing protein-rich meals for the whole family. HelloFresh consumers are looking for more diverse protein options whether it be for health, environmental or ethical reasons. We’re thrilled that they chose our delicious plant-based proteins to serve as a seamless swap for their customers’ favorite beef recipes.

Corby-Sue Neumann, the Head of Menu Planning at HelloFresh Canada, said, “We’re looking forward to giving our customers the chance to try Beyond Meat in a variety of different recipes on our menu. Not only does this quality ingredient put a new spin on classic dishes, but it does so in a way that is good for the palette, and the planet.” 

HelloFresh is including a variety of delicious flavor-packed Beyond Meat recipes, so there’s a little something for everyone and every occasion:

  • Nacho Beyond Meat Cheeseburger with DIY Guacamole and Kale Salad
  • Beyond Meat and Black Bean Tacos with seasonal Tomato Pepper Salsa and Crema
  • Beyond Meat Gyro Wrap with Chunky Fries and Chopped Salad
  • Beyond Ultimate Chili Sammie Chip Topper and crunchy Side Slaw

Order your own HelloFresh box featuring Beyond Meat! Head on over to HelloFresh.ca to place your order, with Beyond Meat recipes appearing as soon as the week of August 5! 




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