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The Beyond Burger has Landed in Dutch Supermarkets


We want to “meat’ you, Holland, and we know you want to meet the Beyond Burger too. Beginning April 26th, 2019, the Beyond Burger will be available in the meat case at 700+ Albert Heijn locations throughout the Netherlands.

With delicious specialties like the kroket and the stroopwafel, the Dutch know their way around the kitchen. However, with a growing demand for plant-based meats across Europe, Beyond Meat is thrilled to provide a delicious and sustainable alternative for those looking to reduce their meat consumption without sacrifice.

“With this launch at Albert Heijn, we are excited to introduce Dutch consumers to the delicious taste and texture of the Beyond Burger. Our mission is to make plant-based meat more accessible, and we’re proud to partner with one of the largest retailers in the Netherlands to advance that goal. Whether you’re a hardcore meat eater, vegan or somewhere in between, you can enjoy our burger while receiving the added health and environmental benefits of plant-based meat,” says Ihab Leheta, Beyond Meat’s Director of International Sales.

Given that 70 percent of the Dutch population believes climate change is the biggest international threat, it’s clear that a shift is wanted. Beyond Meat is happy to report that the Beyond Burger is far more environmentally friendly than its beef counterpart. Compared to a 4oz beef burger, the Beyond Burger produces 90 percent fewer greenhouse gas emissions. We’re beyond proud to now offer more European consumers an environment-forward option that doesn’t skimp on flavor, quality, or protein. Be sure to share a picture when you find it at your local retailer, tagging #BeyondBurger for a chance to be featured.

Yesterday we visited our Dutch friends to celebrate the Beyond Burger making it’s way to the country’s meat case. Check it out below!



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