Beyond Meat teams up with flexitarian Peter Andre to make plant-based BBQing a breeze this summer
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Beyond Meat® teams up with flexitarian Peter Andre to make plant-based BBQing a breeze this summer

May 26, 2022

Beyond Meat® teams up with flexitarian Peter Andre to make plant-based BBQing a breeze this summer

A survey* of Britain’s BBQ routines by Beyond Meat has charted how traditional British BBQs quickly descend into confusion, due to lack of inspiration and BBQ know-how. 

The new survey revealed:

  • More than half (54%) of the nation are struggling to know what to cook for plant-based guests
  • More than a third (36%) thought that plant-based meat was just for vegan and vegetarian guests, and almost a fifth (17%) of Brits didn’t even realise they could BBQ plant-based meat
  • Bickering and inedible food were key lows of the average British BBQ - families will fall out after just an hour, having spent 43 minutes getting the BBQ to work
  • After the BBQ has started, it takes approximately 58mins to burn the first sausage and 66 mins to regret hosting it
  • Nearly a third of Brits (29%) admitted that not knowing if things were cooked properly was the hardest part of BBQing, whilst burning the food (34%) and running out of food (24%) were among the top concerns for those BBQing
  • Despite our BBQ woes and even after all the squabbling, burning and confusion, nearly half (44%) of the nation said spending time with the family was the best thing about a BBQ. 
  • Over 1 in 3 (37%) of the UK saying they plan to BBQ plant-based meat this year - explaining that it’s delicious on a BBQ (38%) and a more sustainable option compared to animal meat (43%)

Bram Meijer, Marketing Director EMEA, Beyond Meat, said: "The survey highlights Brits are in dire need of BBQ upskilling. We want to show the UK how easy and delicious it is to grill plant-based meat this summer, and share tips on how to create the best BBQ experience. With our range of delicious Beyond Meat products including our iconic and award-winning Beyond Burger, you'll be able to wow your friends and family and throw the ultimate BBQ this summer."

Get ready to become a plant-based Grill Master with the #BBQBeyondSquad

Following the survey results, Beyond Meat is inspiring Brits everywhere to take their BBQ beyond this summer by bringing together the #BBQBeyondSquad, made up of BBQ lover and flexitarian Peter Andre, Weber UK Grillmaster Dan Cooper and BBQ stylist The Social Set-Up (Monda Stepanovaite). They are spilling the beans on how to create the tastiest, most stylish and social-worthy BBQ this season.

Peter Andre said: "I’m delighted to be teaming up with Beyond Meat to inspire more people to put plant-based meat on their BBQ this summer. Their burgers sizzle on the grill and taste amazing. It’s as easy to cook as animal meat, and is better for the planet. Beyond Meat makes it incredibly easy to live a flexitarian lifestyle, something which myself and my family are a huge believer in.”

Beyond Meat has a delicious range of tasty plant-based meat to help your BBQ Go Beyond™ this year, including its famous Beyond Burger that is designed to look, cook and taste like beef as well as Beyond Sausage, Beyond Mince - great for making fabulous koftas for the BBQ - and Beyond Meatballs. All Beyond Meat products are made of high-quality, plant-based ingredients and enable you to Eat What You Love™, without having to compromise on taste or sustainability. 


  1. Grill Gear - Give your barbecue a clean and position it safely three feet from any walls or fencing. Wear heat-resistant barbecue mitts and have a spatula and tongs to hand. Wear a barbecue apron too, as it will protect you from heat and spattering. Consider a more eco-friendly, gas BBQ which offers convenient temperature control and easy clean-up. A charcoal BBQ, however, gets that rich, smoky flavour. A food thermometer will come in handy too.
  2. Work the BBQ - Always pre-heat your barbecue first to the desired cooking temperature and cook with the lid down so smoke circulates, infuses and enhances the plant-based meat, which will be juicier, cook even faster and save both time and fuel. A 50/50 cooking method uses a combination of direct heat on one side and indirect cooking on the other helping to achieve a nice sear on your plant-based meat in direct heat before slowly turning golden on the other side.
  3. Plant-based protein: Choose a quality plant-based protein for your setup to unlock the best flavours. Thanks to their versatility, Beyond Meat sears and chars up nicely on the grill:
  • Beyond Burger is best grilled over an open flame approximately 3 mins per side at medium-high heat. Cook the patty to an internal temp of 74°C (165F). If you like a little char on your burger, cook it for slightly longer.
  • Beyond Sausage cooks great on a low to medium heat gas grill. Keep turning as it cooks. It will take approximately 9-11 minutes to reach 74°C (165F). After that, place it in a hot dog roll & top with your favourite condiments. Must-tries include piccalilli, mustard, grilled onions, and jalapenos.
  • Beyond Mince performs great seasoned and wrapped onto a long soaked wooden or stainless steel skewer for the grill. Medium heat – seared 1-2 mins per side depending on thickness (internal temp will always need to be 74°C (165F)). Serve with tabouleh, plant-based garlic feta, fresh tomatoes & cucumber to please your guests.
  1. Spice up your dish: Add dry rubs and/or marinate your plant-based protein. Top tip: Marinate after you cook it. Simply soak the plant-based meat in a sauce after it’s been grilled, then reheat it on the grill just before serving.
  2. Turn up the tunes: The BBQBeyond Squad’s Top BBQ Tunes include: SummerTime- DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince,, Rockaway Beach - The Ramones, Mysterious Girl – Peter Andre, Walking on Sunshine - Katrina and the waves, Rock Lobster B-52s, Here Comes The Sun - The Beatles, Hot in Here – Nelly, Heat Wave - Martha and the Vandellas, Junior Andre – Slide, Bank Holiday - Blur 
  3. Serve and layer: Use about 3-4 various plinths for your larger serving plates to heighten your display. A plinth can be anything from a metal wire storage box, to a wooden crate or even a sturdy gift box - this should create a clustered platform like display and will act as a base to build your gorgeous BBQ table around. Always add finishing touches such as bud vases with single stem flowers or eucalyptus - so simple, yet so effective!
  4. Bring in elements of surprise: Mix & match glasses, use interesting ornaments or even display half sliced fruit and veg as decor to make your table more visually appealing - this will add a pop of colour and texture to your table and won't cost a lot!
  5. Get creative: If you haven’t got cloth napkins then why not make your own by cutting out 40cm x 40 cm squares out of old fabric and fold them into knots -  don't be worried about the frayed edges, they always add character. Haven’t got any cool objects? then why not paint funky coloured patterns onto white candlesticks. You can easily find a lot of inspiration and quick DIY tutorials online.
  6. Ban the beige: Remember, "you eat with your eyes first" so don't be afraid to mix and match colours, textures and tones (just like you do with your food) - there is no right or wrong way when creating your summer BBQ table - but remember it should just be 2 things, 1. fun yet  relaxed and 2. accessible to your guests.
  7. Go foraging: If you don't fancy the 4am trip to the flower market or would rather not spend a small fortune on florals, you can always take a walk around your garden or local park and pick some lovely greenery there.

Peter Andre’s BBQ Beyond Burger

Peter Andre has also shared his signature burger recipe - made with the Beyond Burger - a plant-based burger that’s designed to look, cook, and satisfy like beef. It has all the juicy, meaty deliciousness of a traditional burger, but comes with the upsides of being a plant-based meal and is packed with 19g of protein and no cholesterol, soy or gluten.

Winner of several taste tests including the Good Housekeeping UK’s Best Vegan Burger, this delicious patty is sure to please even the most ardent carnivore looking for their burger fix. Topped with delicious cheese, caramelised onions, BBQ beets and a gherkin and herb mayo, Peter’s burger recipe is sure to take your BBQ Beyond this summer.

Find Peter Andre’s BBQ Beyond Burger recipe here!

*One Poll Survey conducted for Beyond Meat for 2000 respondents across the UK in May 2022



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