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September 21, 2022


In partnership with Beyond Meat®, Taco Bell is offering the first-of-its kind innovation at price parity to traditional steak for a limited time in Dayton, Ohio area as the brand increases accessibility to delicious plant-based items

IRVINE, Calif. (September 21, 2022) – Taco Bell and Beyond Meat® today announce the unveiling of a first-of-its kind, category-disrupting product: Beyond Carne Asada Steak™. Completely new yet expectedly flavorful, this plant-based protein will be available at select Taco Bell locations in the Dayton, Ohio area starting October 13, for a limited time, while supplies last.* This is Taco Bell’s latest move as a vegetarian leader in QSR.

“At Taco Bell, we’ve long believed that anyone should be able to choose plant-based menu items without compromising the flavors they crave,” said Liz Matthews, Taco Bell's Global Chief Food Innovation Officer. “That’s why we at Taco Bell are thrilled to reveal the result of our long-standing partnership with Beyond Meat, which is previously unseen in the QSR industry. This plant-based carne asada steak is just the latest move in our history of crafting some of the most unique, craveworthy offerings for all fans.”

When the masterminds behind the Taco Bell Test Kitchen teamed up with Beyond Meat’s cutting-edge innovation and culinary teams, they worked to craft a plant-based protein that everyone would crave. The two innovators worked to develop a category-disrupting protein, one that would perfectly complement Taco Bell’s menu. The resulting Beyond Carne Asada Steak is a delicious plant-based option crafted with simple plant-based ingredients** and Taco Bell’s signature spices, and the product is certified vegan*** by the American Vegetarian Association (AVA).**** Like all of Beyond Meat’s products, Beyond Carne Asada Steak is made without GMOs or added hormones. Beyond Carne Asada Steak will be featured in a quesadilla and priced the same as a traditional steak quesadilla, but thanks to Taco Bell’s customizable menu, it can also be enjoyed in any menu item. There is no additional cost to swap Beyond Carne Asada Steak for steak, as Taco Bell seeks to provide more people with affordable and cravable access to plant-based products.

“We know that consumers are looking for diverse protein options that are better for the planet without compromising on taste, so we’re incredibly excited to launch our brand-new, innovative Beyond Carne Asada Steak,” said Dariush Ajami, Beyond Meat’s Chief Innovation Officer. “Designed to specifically complement the bold, savory flavors that Taco Bell is known for, Beyond Carne Asada Steak delivers the flavorful, delicious taste and texture of marinated, grilled steak with the added benefits of plant-based meat.”

While others have only recently explored the plant-based realm, Taco Bell has a long-standing history of being a go-to restaurant for those veggie cravings. Back in 2015, Taco Bell was the first quick service restaurant to be certified by the AVA. In 2021, Taco Bell’s vegetarian options represented over 12% of sales for the brand. In August 2022, the brand tested a proprietary plant-based protein featured in the Crispy Melt Taco. Fast forward to today, plant-based has become a movement, and Taco Bell is here for it (and always was).

*Available at participating Dayton, OH area Taco Bell locations for a limited time only. While supplies last. Contact local restaurant for hours and participation which vary. Tax extra. Prices may be higher for delivery and other service fees may apply.

**Beyond Carne Asada Steak is made from simple, plant-based ingredients like vital wheat gluten and faba bean protein.

***Taco Bell defines “vegan” as containing no animal ingredients. It’s important to note, however, that in some restaurants we use the same frying oil to prepare menu items that may or may not contain animal ingredients. Vegan and animal ingredients are handled in common and cross-contact may occur. Taco Bell’s vegan ingredients are certified by the American Vegetarian Association. Neither Taco Bell, our employees, our franchisees or the AVA assume any responsibility for such cross-contact.

****American Vegetarian Association-certified vegetarian food items are lacto-ovo, allowing consumption of dairy and eggs but not animal byproducts. Vegetarian and meat ingredients are handled in common, and cross contact may occur, which may not be acceptable to certain types of vegetarian diets. Neither Taco Bell, our employees, our franchisees or the AVA assume any responsibility for such cross-contact.

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Beyond Meat, Inc. (NASDAQ: BYND) is a leading plant-based meat company offering a portfolio of revolutionary plant-based meats made from simple ingredients without GMOs, no added hormones or antibiotics, and 0 mg of cholesterol per serving. Founded in 2009, Beyond Meat products are designed to have the same taste and texture as animal-based meat while being better for people and the planet. Beyond Meat's brand commitment, Eat What You Love®, represents a strong belief that there is a better way to feed our future and that the positive choices we all make, no matter how small, can have a great impact on our personal health and health of our planet. By shifting from animal-based meat to plant-based protein, we can positively impact four growing global issues: human health, climate change, constraints on natural resources and animal welfare. As of June 2022, Beyond Meat branded products were available at approximately 183,000 retail and foodservice outlets in over 90 countries worldwide. Visit and follow @BeyondMeat, #BeyondBurger and #GoBeyond on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and TikTok.


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