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Summer Cookout Classic

July 1, 2020



By: @JanetterFernandez 

As we all get ready to celebrate Independence Day, it's important we do so safely. If you're looking to BBQ with a group of close friends and family this week, check out the tips below to take your social distancing cookout BEYOND.

1. Swag bags: 

Fill swag bags with hand sanitizer, wipes, reusable utensils and masks as a great way to make sure everyone stays safe and doesn’t share items. Purchase from local businesses to help entrepreneurs stay open. 

2. The sky is the limit: 

With technology, we are able to bring your friends from around the world to your BBQ through your favorite apps. It’s a great way to introduce your buds to your traditions and show off your grilling skills. 

3. Music: 

Create a playlist together. Have guests add their top hits in one folder and the day of the party, have a full-on jam session. Friends can tell stories about their favorite concert and reminisce about the moment. Or enjoy the Cookout Classics Beyond Meat put together below. 

4. Recipe Cards: 

Make digital recipe cards for your guests. Guests love knowing they can recreate some of their favorite dishes at home after the party is over. 

5. Group Games: 

Play games digitally through apps like House Party and Heads Up. They help get the laughter going 

6. Leftovers: 

Have guests bring their own containers and send them home with bomb leftovers for the next day. This way the BBQ feels like it never ended. 

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