Beyond Steak at Costco
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Costco Now Adding Award-Winning Beyond Steak™ to Select Locations

January 3, 2023

Keeping your New Year’s resolutions just got even easier – and tastier! Beyond Steak is now available at select Costco locations so you can stock up on the TIME’s 2022 Best Invention that editors praised as a “Healthier Steak”. 

Starting this month, Costco members of 50+ warehouses across Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, Colorado and Southern California can savor the flavorful, delicious bite of seared steak tips while enjoying all the added health and environmental benefits of plant-based meat.

As Beyond Meat’s first foray into plant-based steak, Beyond Steak delivers the juicy, tender experience of seared steak tips with 21g of protein per serving and is low in saturated fat (1g per serving) with no cholesterol, no GMOs, and no added antibiotics or hormones.

Next time you’re at Costco, pick up Beyond Steak so you can enjoy your favorite dishes – like a crunchy and craveable taco salad, classic Philly cheesesteak, or mouthwatering breakfast burrito – but in a way that’s better for you and the planet. Soon, you too will be relishing its “caramelized crust” (Buzzfeed) and “perfect crisp” (Fast Company) as Beyond Steak goes from the freezer to your plate in just five minutes in the air fryer or skillet.

Find a participating Costco location near you HERE and then pick up Beyond Steak in the frozen meat section.


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